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More introductorily, HOPE360, pioneered by the iconoclastic activist, David Solomon, is a group of just a numerically few Likeminded individuals who have decided to lay down their personal ambitions and come together to say a bold historic NO…a NO that would be written in the sand of time, and would go down the lane of history as the one YES that begins the watershed of the Hope revolution… Every individual, young or old, at home or in Diaspora, has a part in this NO.  

Sure, there’ve got to be a scheme to achieving that. Huh? Of course, that’s the literary meaning of the word “initiative”…  HOPE360 recognizes the practicalities around any true and lasting change – she has counted the costs, from her viewpoint and would pay the price, even by the last drop of her blood…saddled by the sole objective of realizing a new Hope in the Society,       

HOPE360 is set to wage a fatal war against fore fronting status quo – not by guns and grenades; mostly, ideologically. By reaching out to ……1. To be a viable not for profit organization that employs diverts means and methods to impact the lives of the common man so that he or she will in turn builds a better society.2. The organization is focus on key developmental indexes (i) health (ii) education (iii) youth empowerment, social transformation and skill acquisition.3. Peace building and eradication of drug addiction in the society.  Should there be a time and a place, when and where, we must either live together as brothers or die apart as fools?  it’s certainly NOW and HERE.

And this is not merely optional, it’s a necessity. Yes, we must do it for “us”, and our children, and our children’s children, and our children children’s children…Again, that’s the unremitting mandate of “Hope 360 initiative for peace”. Rest assured, just as implied in the statement our motto – “building the walls of peace”- our commitment is to A achieve nation of total peace via a few outreaching exercises like open-air enlightenment of our masses and a couple of hope-inspiring programs…consciously, we hope for the obvious by-product of epitomizing an entire generation of desperate change bearers who would jettison every politic, religious, ethnic,. Difference, to set up a beacon of light somewhere in this chaotic gloom that inspires hope (true hope) and promotes an undistorted Peace that would last us all generations…

You may say we mere dreamers, but we’re not the only one. We hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one. 

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