Vision & Mission

Hope 360 initiative for peace is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-religious and not-for-profit organization whose goal is to “restore peace and impact the lives of a common man for a sustainable development in Nigeria”
Vision:A society where men and women have an equal opportunity to participate in every spherein respective of sex.
Mission:Rebuilding the wall of Peace and Restoration of hope for a sustainable development.
Core Values:·        Encourages innovation·        Mutual respect·        Transparency and accountability·        Learning and leadership·        Team work·        Commitment·        Courage of conviction·        Humility
Thematic Areas:·        Enhancing quality Education·        Community health initiatives·        Skills Acquisition·        Peace education/conflict management/non violence·        Democracy and good governance·        Environment and sustainable development·        Youth Development.

Objective:·       Promoting gender equality, women’s rights, peace and sustainable development·  Promoting initiative that will lead to the attainment of the millennium development Goals (MDGs) Including adaption to climate change.·        Mentoring and leadership development·        Building capacity of women for effective participation.·        Training on human rights, gender and gender budgeting and activism.·        Promoting peace education and non violence peace initiative.·        To network/collaborate with  other organization with similar goal of promoting peace and restoration of hope.
Geographical Focus:·        Nigeria

360’s strategies·        Capacity building/Training·        Peace Academy·        Sensitization·        Tribunals·        Advocacy and lobbying·        Research and Documentation·        Networking and Collaboration·        Consultancies·        Research.

Organizational Structure·        Board of Trustees·        Secretariat manned by the Executive·        Patron·        Volunteers and interns
Network and Coalitions:

  • ·        West Africa Action Network on small Arms (WAANSA)
  • ·        Nigeria Non Government Organzation (NINGONET)
  • ·        Charter 4 Change (C4C)
  • ·        Network of civil society (NCS)

Donor/ partners

  • Frugal Empowerment Foundation

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